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iP2PGO is a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can buy and sell ETH & ERC20 tokens to each other using fiat currency via direct bank transfer.



IP2PGO marketplace is an Android App and Web App.


It’s a P2P marketplace that matches buyers and sellers of crypto within a country


Transaction for crypto/fiat pairing will be conducted in the local currency via direct bank transfer between buyer and seller.


ETH and ERC20 tokens can be traded in the marketplace


iP2PGO’s escrow function is run by ERC20 smart contracts to ensure transactions are executed in a fast, transparent, secured and trusted manner


Transactions Fees

For crypto/fiat pairing, takers are charged a fee of 0.80% on the value of the transaction + Gas. Makers are not charged any fee. Fees will be deducted from the ETH or the ERC20 tokens which are the subject of the transaction. For crypto/crypto pairing, taker fee is 0.20% and maker fee is 0.1% on the value of the transaction + Gas. Withdrawal fee is 0.005 ETH for verified users and 0.01 ETH for unverified users, there is no deposit fee.

Trading Times

Trading on the marketplace is opened 24/7, however support and arbitration desk will only be available from 8 am to 6 pm (Beijing/Kuala Lumpur time). Any support or arbitration request after 6 pm will be processed on the following day.


In the case of trade dispute, the escrow smart contract will lock the crypto which is the subject of the trade. The administrator will then start the arbitration process between the buyer and seller.


Verified Users will have to complete a simple yet comprehensive AML & KYC process before creating a wallet.

Minimum Transaction

Minimum transaction amount is 0.1 ETH or equivalent in ERC20 tokens value.

Transaction Timing

Makers can choose 15 minutes or 30 minutes where transactions must be concluded by Takers.

Referral Program

The referral program is opened to any users, The referral program offers a 9 level commissions of 10% (1st level), 6% (2nd level) and 2% (3rd - 9th level) on the transaction fee that iP2PGO earns on every successful transaction.


Not downloadable via google Playstore

No instance of another phishing app clone to appear to steal your data by masquerading as the real app.

No data stored on mobile device

All data is stored on our database which has its access secured by only a single connection, which is through our app server.

No exposed endpoint

No IP or internet address is given to access our app, it is obfuscated by the android app interface.

Constant security login

Users are not kept logged on for long and will have to key in their Security Code every time they wish to log in, which is sent to their registered email every time.

Double verification

Users need to key in their passcode for every Ether ransaction. Treat your passcode as you would treat your bank account's PIN.

None-Key wallets

The holding wallets can only be signed by our own executing wallet for all operations and no private keys are available to be exported.


More Choice of Crypto

Low Fees

Comprehensive AML & KYC Process

Experience Management

Easy, Fast & Secure


iP2PGlobal is a fintech company that was established in 2015. Our aim is to disrupt any current status quo in the market by embracing and utilising newer technologies. In 2015, we started iP2PMoney which utilised peer-to-peer technology to disrupt the traditional personal loan market controlled by local financial institutions, 2017 saw us embracing Blockchain technology in order to allow us to provide a global and borderless P2P loan platform. iP2PGo is our second Blockchain project which we hope will provide a solution by simplying access to the crypto market for everybody.